When can I see the final vehicle?

Due to the current ongoing global situation, we are in the process of identifying the next event that we will be able to attend with the Bugatti Baby II. As soon as we have a confirmed update for our next show or test drive event, we will share this with clients via email – we appreciate your patience in this regard.

How will I receive more information about the progress of my Baby II?

Information will be predominately sent via email unless the client specifies otherwise. Test drive footage, sneak peaks of the build process, and close ups of components will all be shared via The Little Car Company Instagram account.

What is the process for ordering a Baby II?

The Baby II order process is detailed in the diagram below.

Please note: Payment of the deposit secures clients one of the 500 build slots, but where this build slot falls on the production schedule depends upon the prompt completion of the Order Form and payment of the Configuration Invoice. Any delays in the completion of the Order Form or payment of the Configuration Invoice may result in a later completion date for their Baby II.

When will my Baby II be built?

The first clients are already starting to take delivery of their Baby IIs. Once payment of the Configuration Invoice has been received, your Baby II will be added to the Production Schedule, and we will be able to provide you with an estimated completion date. The Client Services Team will keep you updated on its progress, and help make arrangements for collection / delivery, as the time nears.

Will I be able to test drive the vehicle?

Yes, this will be possible from late Spring / early Summer at our Production Facility at Bicester Heritage subject to prior arrangement. Due to the current ongoing global situation, we are adhering to the constantly changing rules and regulations, so please contact to discuss this further.

Will the cars be numbered?

Each production car will have its own chassis number, from 1 to 500, with a plaque on the dash showing the chassis number.

Can I choose my chassis number now?

Unless requested otherwise, chassis numbers are allocated randomly upon receipt of final order. If you have a preferred chassis number in mind, please mention this to the team when placing your order. Please note, these are allocated on a first come, first served basis.

What other benefits are there as a Baby II owner?

All owners of Baby IIs will have automatic membership of The Little Car Club. As part of the club you will be invited to exclusive The Little Car Company events where you can drive your car, and others from The Little Car Company range. We will also keep in touch, predominately via email, with the latest upgrades, options and news on the cars.

How can I be sure my car is an authentic Bugatti Baby II?

All cars will come with a certificate of authenticity, and we will hold a register of owners. Should you ever wish to sell your Baby II, we will be able to exchange the certificate of authenticity for one with the details of the new owner.

Will I receive a Bugatti 110th Anniversary commemorative badge?

 All vehicles will receive a commemorative Bugatti 110th Anniversary badge.

Will my Baby II come with a Bugatti ‘Macaron’?

 Each vehicle will come with an official solid silver Bugatti ‘Macaron’ as standard.

My name is on the waiting list, how likely am I to get a car?

For those who did not make it onto the initial build list, a waiting list is in operation. Should a client on the build list choose not to proceed with their reservation, or they do not place their deposit in a reasonable amount of time, this build slot will be offered to those on the waiting list. This build slot will then be allocated on a first come, first served basis.

Are build slots transferable to another individual?

All build slots are non-transferable but a full refund can be requested at any time up until your final order is placed.

Will my Baby II come with an instruction manual / book?

Yes, every vehicle will come with a limited edition manual complete with everything you need to know about your Baby II and the history of the original Baby / Type 35.

Will there ever be more than 500 Baby IIs?

It has been almost a century since the release of Ettore’s original Baby, and true to the original production run, the Baby II is strictly limited to 500 vehicles. So after the 500th car has been built, no further Baby IIs will be made.

When will my Baby II be delivered?

We place your car into the Production Schedule once we receive payment of the Configuration Invoice, and will be able to provide you with an estimated completion date for your Baby II following this payment. As we near the completion of your car, we will give you an accurate completion date for your Baby II. Your delivery date will then be subject to a number of factors including your delivery destination, choice of delivery method, ease of import, etc.

What is the shipping process?

The Baby II cars are provided ex-works at our Production Facility in Aylesbury, England. Please contact us to discuss your preferred shipping method.  We will introduce a specialist company to handle your delivery, Customs, VAT, and other import requirements; making the process as simple and easy as possible. A member of The Little Car Company will be included in discussions to support where necessary.

Who is responsible for import costs?

Import logistics and duties will remain the responsibility of the client, however, The Little Car Company will be on hand to help through every stage of the process.

Will the lithium batteries be sent within the vehicle itself?

Due to the potential complexities surrounding the shipment of lithium batteries, it may be necessary to send these separately to the Baby II. This will depend on the destination country and applicable legislation, details of which will be communicated to clients in advance of final delivery.

Can I pick up my Baby II at Molsheim?

The Baby IIs are being manufactured in the UK, but it may be possible to pick up the vehicle at alternative locations – this will be confirmed closer to the estimated delivery dates.

When is the deposit due?

Clients will have 7 days from receipt of the deposit invoice to arrange a bank transfer of the security deposit.

I haven’t heard from you yet, and I’m concerned I might have missed out on my build slot?

Requests for further information and deposit invoices are sent by email, and there is always the small chance that the email might be picked up by an overzealous spam filter. Please do add to your email address book, and do check your spam folder. The Little Car Company are unable to make special allowances should a customer miss out on their build slot after repeated failed attempts to contact them. If you have any concerns please use our dedicated WhatsApp service +44 (0)7538 867 890.

How much is the security deposit and is it refundable?

The security deposit is €10,000 and fully refundable at any point up until you confirm the final specifications of your Baby II, and make the payment of the first 50% of the remaining balance.

Is UK VAT applicable?

VAT is not applicable to security deposit payments, but where appropriate will be applied to remaining invoices at the UK VAT rate of 20%. Where the vehicle is designed for export outside the UK, VAT may not need to be charged, however the client will be liable for any required import taxes or duties in the country of final destination. The client will be required to provide a Proof of Export to TLCC within 2 months of making their final payment, or will be liable to be charged the full UK VAT amount. If the client ships with TLCC, and their chosen logistics partner YSDS, then Proof of Export will be taken care of.

Is it possible to provide a bank guarantee, credit or debit card?

Unfortunately it is not possible to make your deposit via bank guarantee, credit or debit card.

What is the total cost of the Baby II?

Prices will start at €30,000 (excluding taxes and delivery) for the complete Baby II, with a selection of optional extras available to purchase if you wish to further customise your car.

Who are The Little Car Company?

Bugatti have partnered with The Little Car Company, the world experts in junior cars, to build the Baby II on their behalf in the UK. The vehicles are an official Bugatti licenced product manufactured by The Little Car Company to the uncompromising standards you would expect from the world’s greatest car maker. To quote the Bugatti philosophy, “If it’s not perfect, it can’t be Bugatti”.

What is the estimated top speed?

The Baby II will have two selectable power modes: a 1kW ‘novice mode’ with the top speed limited to 20 km/h, and a 4kW ‘expert mode’ with the top speed limited to 45 km/h. In addition, for those who crave even more pace, an optional ‘Speed Key’ upgrade is available (just like its big brother, the Chiron), which allows power of up to 10kW and disengages the speed limiter. The Top Speed of the Baby II in the US & Canada will be 19mph /30kph

Is the Baby II going to be road legal?

As standard, the Baby IIs are not designed to be road legal, but will be driveable on private land and exclusive invite-only owners events.

How has the car been developed?

The Baby II has been developed using a full 3D scan of a 1924 French Grand Prix Bugatti Type 35. The proportions shrunk to 75%, and the design adjusted where appropriate for a modern electric powertrain. While the car will not be an exact replica of the Type 35, it will be a scaled tribute.

Will adults be able to drive it?

The Baby II will likely fit an average sized adult (up to 190cm). The car has a sliding pedal box to allow for legs of different lengths. The overall sizes of the vehicle are approximately:

  • Length: 2,760mm
  • Width: 1060mm
  • Height: 800mm
  • Wheelbase: 1,800mm

At what age will my child be able to drive a Baby II?

Whilst who is allowed to drive the car remains at the discretion of clients, and the sliding pedal box allows for smaller drivers, the vehicle is designed as a recreational vehicle only. Therefore, it is recommended for use only by persons of the age of 14 or older, and in the case of any minor between the ages of 14 and 18, may only be used under competent adult supervision.

What will the range of the Baby II be?

The range of the Baby IIs will ultimately depend on how the car is being driven, but a fully charged vehicle should equate to approximately 1 to 2 hours driving time or 30-50km+ depending on driving style and battery option selected.

Does this vehicle come with a warranty? What does the warranty cover and for how long?

All vehicles will be supplied with a 12 month warranty (from delivery) covering manufacturing faults, parts and mechanical failures. Claims that fall outside of the scope of this warranty include:

  • Paint scratches, or damage that occurs after acceptance of the car
  • Damage due to wear and tear / crash damage
  • Problems caused by poor maintenance
  • Anything on a car which has been modified from its original specification

The Little Car Company reserves the right to inspect the vehicle and judge the cause of the problem before committing to any warranty claims. If there is a failure after the end of the warranty period, The Little Car Company will remain available to help where possible and can arrange delivery of spare parts worldwide for local repairs.

How long does it take to fully charge the battery?

The battery should take approximately 3-5 hours to fully charge. Additional batteries will be also be available for purchase as an optional extra which can be swapped for discharged ones.

What safety features can be found on the Bugatti Baby II?

During the development of the car we designed two additional pieces of safety equipment for your Baby II which didn’t exist on the original Type 35.
The first of these is a removable seat bolster, a cushion to place beside you in the seat that will prevent you from sliding, and therefore shifting weight when you tackle corners, which could upset the balance of the car. This will be provided with your vehicle in the same leather finish as your choice of interior. The second is a detachable stability frame which attaches underneath the floor of the car. They protrude slightly wider than the wheels, and should you or another driver manage to tip onto two wheels for any reason, then the bars will touch down and stabilise the car, reducing the chance of the tip going further. We appreciate you may not wish to display or drive your Baby II with the stability bars attached all the time, so they are fully removable. Removing the stability frame will deactivate the proximity sensor, automatically limiting the top speed the car can achieve to 15mph. This means an inexperienced driver can’t “borrow the keys” and get themselves into trouble by accident.

To what extent can I customise my Baby II?

Your Bugatti Baby II can be customised in a number of ways, from the model chosen, to the exterior paint colour, and interior leather choice. We invite you to visit our online configurator to create your very own masterpiece, with over 160 combinations available across the Vitesse and Pur Sang models. We also have a range of additional extras & accessories that can be chosen to customise your Baby II. Please find details on all these options in the Bugatti Baby II Configuration Guide. For customisation requests that cannot be found in the Configuration Guide, please contact to discuss your ideas further.

What materials will be used to build / finish the Baby II?

There will be a number of options available for the body of the vehicle, these will be released later in the year in advance of placing your final order.

What features are included in the base model?

  • Two power modes (1kW novice & 4kW expert)
  • Rear wheel drive
  • French Racing Blue with a black interior
  • One removable power pack
  • Four wheel drum brakes + regenerative braking + handbrake
  • Removable steering wheel, custom gauges, turned aluminium dashboard & sliding pedal box
  • Four wheels and one spare.
  • Leather straps to secure
  • Headlights
  • Solid silver Bugatti Macaron


Please do not hesitate to contact The Little Car Company team.